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Prestigious events walking distance from the Western Wall

השאיר את פרטיכם בכדי להבטיח את התאריך שלכם.

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Each event symbolizes a successful connection, big dreams in a drawer that are set off
And come true, for partnership, for fantasies, for love and the desire to share the best with
Those closest to you and the people who accompany you along the way.
We are here to listen, accompany, create, and fulfill your experience, which will never be the same again
one like her

Your guests will enjoy cocktails that blend in perfect harmony with our chef’s fine dishes.
Aesthetics, a feeling of being abroad and a show like no other which together create an unforgettable event.

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Daniel M

Our Chef

Daniel Marciano

Daniel Marciano is the head chef of the “Miss & Mr” restaurant in the music square in Jerusalem. With an extremely rich resume in the field of cooking, Daniel combines criticism with generosity and creativity to create dishes that are impressive in appearance and taste.

During his career, Daniel excelled and was widely praised for meeting the greatest experts in the culinary field and incorporating his own perspective into cooking.

If you look at his famous dishes, you will find that every dish Daniel prepares is an invested dish with a personal touch, so there is nothing ordinary or obvious about the dishes he prepares. He believes that he must ensure that the dishes he offers are as they should be: without unnecessary games.

The extensive knowledge of cooking is not the important thing for Daniel. He loves to eat and be fed. The one that appears in the philosophy of the restaurant. He has a special ability to combine flavors and aromas to create dishes that activate the senses and provide an amazing eating experience.

Appointment scheduling

Leave your details in order to confirm your appointment.

Address: Music Square, Jerusalem

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