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About us

Boutique restaurant in a mysterious atmosphere

Welcome to Miss & Mr. Restaurant
We are located in the music square in the center of Jerusalem.
Our restaurant uses the best raw materials to create impressive and delicious dishes with special touches that create an unforgettable dining experience by Chef Daniel Marciano.
In our menu you will find a wide variety of dishes with fascinating flavors and aromas from a variety of cultures and countries to create the tastes of Mr. and Mrs.
In addition, we provide a wide variety of cocktails from the world of international mixology combined with modern cocktails, the bar has options for different drinks and wines from around the globe. The restaurant staff will turn your time in our restaurant into an amazing experience of flavors, entertainment and hospitality.
So don’t hesitate, come visit us and enjoy an extraordinary meal alongside a gorgeous cocktail!

“Life is a sumptuous meal” yours Chef Daniel Marciano


מנות השף הטעימות שלנו הן לא רק תענוג לחושים, אלא הן גם אמנות לעיניים. כל מנה מבושלת ומוצגת עם כבוד ודיוק.

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Our delicious chef’s dishes are not only a delight for the senses, but also art for the eyes.
Each dish is cooked and presented with respect and precision.

Daniel M

Our Chef

Daniel Marciano

Daniel Marciano is the head chef of the “Miss & Mr” restaurant in the music square in Jerusalem. With an extremely rich resume in the field of cooking, Daniel combines criticism with generosity and creativity to create dishes that are impressive in appearance and taste.

During his career, Daniel excelled and was widely praised for meeting the greatest experts in the culinary field and incorporating his own perspective into cooking.

If you look at his famous dishes, you will find that every dish Daniel prepares is an invested dish with a personal touch, so there is nothing ordinary or obvious about the dishes he prepares. He believes that he must ensure that the dishes he offers are as they should be: without unnecessary games.

The extensive knowledge of cooking is not the important thing for Daniel. He loves to eat and be fed. The one that appears in the philosophy of the restaurant. He has a special ability to combine flavors and aromas to create dishes that activate the senses and provide an amazing eating experience.

Rabbanut Yerushalayim Kashrut Certification
“Chalak Bet Yosef” Meat